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creative writing // worldbuilding

Welcome to the world of Ereo, Ambev's NFT collection/ P2O (pay to own) game that has you cast in another universe, fighting with your own team of CryptoTitans against your enemies.


I was in charge of worldbuilding, character and lore development, so as to create something that went beyond the world of NFTs, with the goals of, eventually, turn it into a franchise with books, movies, series and much more. 

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 01.45.04.png


The main challenge was creating a world that could house the Original 8 CryptoTitans, but also give them a reason to interact with each other.

Together with the illustrator, we decided to create an island-world, where the Titans would have their own homes, but also be tightly confined in a plot of land that's both restrictive and uncaring. Fully fleshing out this vision was incredible, as well as pulling references from greek mythology, japanese folklore and even different games from around the world.

The final product is an universe that's new, refreshing and, yet, easy to understand. Each area of the map represents a core characteristic of a CryptoTitan, both complementing each other.

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 01.45.04.png
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